How to lose a pound a day regularly

In the next ten minutes I can show you how to lose Weight fast, 1 pound a day in 10 or 20 pound chunks. This  is a reasonable weight loss goal.How to lose a pound a day

Can you imagine doing so while eating whatever you want? You can lose a pound every day and still have your favorite snacks and chocolates. And yes, you should be suspicious of such a promise, but you will realize it is possible if you can manage what you ‘want.’

I said I  will show you how this can be done in ten minutes so I will cut to the chase… You need three things:

1) A really good diet that you can follow…

Not a fad diet, a healthy diet that will still give you lots of energy and satisfy your needs  and includes the things you want. I give you one such a diet on this site.

2)  A good Appetite Suppressant…

You will need this for a while, a natural one that works.  There are thousands of appetite suppressants being advertised on the web.  You can spend a fortune and endless time on finding one that works. I have tried several. Most did not work at all, some seemed to work, but I stopped looking once I found Phen375.  It works.  It worked for me and for everybody that I recommended it to.  It is as good as you will get. I will go into the reasons a little further down.  Click on this link to see details now of what Phen375 is all about…. But please read the rest of this post!  It could change your life!

3)    The most important thing is to get your ‘your mind right‘ about many things, including:

  • well-formed goal that is so compelling, so rewarding, that you want it so completely that it takes priority over everything interfering with losing at least one pound every day.
    It must not be a arm wrestle hourly struggle. It must be a no-contest affair between wanting to reach your goal vs falling back …
  • Dealing with internal conflicts.
  • Developing  natural habits that support your goal and lifestyle by choice.

I can help you lose 7 pounds every week

There are thousands of good diets about, and you will find such a good diet, the Lose a Pound a Day Diet, here on this site.  It is actually not about a diet… it is getting to like to eat to support your compelling goals.

I will give you the tools to ‘Do the Mind work’ on this site.  (Give me 9 more minutes to show you … :-)
If you give me those 9 more minutes, you will see that I have a set of amazing Mind Management (even life changing!) tools to offer you along with a great diet

The Phen375is the third element and I get rewarded for my side of the deal if you get it through clicking on one of the links on this site.

Let your imagine roam free for a while

Remember, if you will, something that you wanted so badly that you went the extra mile to get it, something that took effort, focus and was of  extraordinary importance to you at that time…

Maybe it was a toy when you were a child, or a date with a special someone… perhaps to see a special movie… or a trip somewhere…  Anything that you wanted really badly for a while, so much so that it took up a lot of your mind and made you yearn, beg, plot or work towards it…

Can you remember something like that?  Take two or three of our 10 minutes to recall this memory in detail… Can you remember its absolute importance to you then?  How it was so important to you that you would do unusual things, out of character things, to get or achieve it?  Can you remember how you forgot about so many other wants and needs at the time?

When you really want something, it is easy and effortless to do the work

on the other hand…

It is an impossible mission to work against what you want!

This is how you need to become about losing weight fast… at least one pound every day.  It must be so compelling to you that you do not want to do anything that will interfere with that goal.  If it is no-contest important, then the opposing forces have no chance.

Perhaps you have tried to do this before.  Perhaps you have had moments of enthusiasm that did not last.  If you do nothing else on this site, see the section on the Weight-loss Workbook.

The techniques I have to offer will take care of issues like that.

These are areas we will address:

Define your goal in a way that all your internal conflicts and fears are addressed.  Make the goal compelling and encompass everything that you want… including your favourite snack or tipple.

Identify your higher purpose goals. What is the ultimate reward in losing a weight?  Will you achieve that by losing however many pounds?  Or do you need to add something to the goal to make it really rewarding and compelling? We make sure that secret underlying obstacles are thought through and anticipated.

I know that will-power is a myth. It can never work.  It implies and opposing force.

The word Diet implies giving something up, denying yourself something.  We need to change these negative ways of looking at it to wanting to eat right and healthy to satisfy all your wants and desires, with the highest priorities calling the shots but still recognizing the rest.

The techniques will address attitudes to food, beliefs, sustained motivation, habits, automatic behavior patterns, etc.

I am a qualified NLP practioner.  NLP is basically a set of techniques to manage thought processes.  It is something  that I know a lot about and I apply the techniques here in a weight loss program that I developed for myself  to lose my weight fast and I have helped many people use these techniques with great results.

Over the past few years I have refined the process and am documenting it on this blog.  If you stick to the guidelines I give you here, you will lose pounds fast, 10, 2o, 30… as much as you want… and you will gain a bunch of additional benefits.

Tomorrow I will post the steps to create a Well Formed Weight-loss Goal on this site.  Bookmark this page or sign on to the newsletter if you want to make sure you get the post.

The Lose a Pound a Day Diet is simple to understand and easy to follow:

It works quickly. It is designed to give you just the right amount of healthy fuel and fibers throughout the day, along with appetite suppressing supplements and negative calorie foods… Fuel (small doses of carbs) for energy and fibre for substance to stave off hunger. You will get strong guidelines instead of a rigid ‘what to eat every hour’ regime. To go to the diet to lose at least one pound a day, click here.

I will help you deal with the issues that caused the weight problem and have been sabotaging weight-loss efforts. I will help you change your eating habits to a healthy pattern.

The Lose a Pound a day Program.

In summary the program contains three main elements:

  1. The Lose a Pound a Day Diet.
  2. Phen375 to help burn fat and manage your appetite until you have managed to change your thought processes.
  3. Mind bending tools with tips and tricks to:
    1. Become and stay motivated.
    2. Change eating routines and behaviors naturally.
    3. Deal with internal conflicts, such as the parts that want to be satisfied now, vs. the parts that want to lose weight later.
    4. Find healthy alternatives to fattening foods and habits and then like them!
    5. Believe in and love yourself again!
    6. Change the way you think about yourself and food.

I will post my NLP advice on individual posts on this blog for as long as enough people show real interest.

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They will be informative on how do to the mind stuff.  They will hopefully give you regular reminder and you read them will give you the regular motivation reinforcement that we all need

You may know that you need it or may not. Either way, like many other people that I have helped, you may find that this to be exactly what you need…Find out how to lose a pound a day or as much weight as you want to in 10 or 20 pound chunks! Click here to sign up.