The Lose a Pound a Day Diet

Lose a pound a day diet

Here are the simple guidelines toeasily lose a pound a day:

It is a legal requirement and in any case a good idea for me to advise  strongly that you ask the advice of your medical professional before following this or any other diet.  I am not a medical professional, nor am I familiar with your personal circumstances.

I came across a great Ebook that lists Negative Calorie Foods and includes tasty recipes as well.  These are foods that metabolize slowly and use up calories in the process. To have a look at it, click here. These foods give you many great ideas to add to the diet plan below. For less than $19 it is absolutely worth it.

(See the footnotes for the logic behind the recipe)


Many people start their day without breakfast.  Certain foods get one’s metabolism active so that eating the wrong breakfast food(carbohydrate weighted food like bread or toast and some cereals), starts the metabolism for the day and can make you hungry as this food is depleted.  Start with a very lean breakfast and top up with the midmorning snack later and you will burn calories.

  • One large glass (or two) of Grapefruit juice.  (Dilute it with water or sparkling water for a refreshing drink.)
  • Bran cereal with milk.
  • Fruit salad
  • Phen375 as per dosage instructions

Midmorning Snack:

  • One large glass (or two) of Grapefruit juice.
  • One or two apples. Find apples that are seasonably available that appeal to you.

Go through the ‘ritual’ to pealing the apples and cut them into chunks.  Acidic apples can be par cooked in a microwave.


  • Phen375 as per dosage instructions
  • Large glass or two of grapefruit juice, diluted with water as before. A generous salad  consisting of any of…
    Lettuce, tomato, tuna, ham or bacon, boiled egg (one!) cucumber, onion, peppers, avocado, other fresh salad ingredients.  Add a small amount of vegetable oil preferably olive oil, salad dressing or a modest amount of mayonnaise.   (Avoid: Bread, pizza, potato, sugar, pastry, cheese, excessive other animal fat)


If you are still hungry, have another apple, orange, melon, papaya or some pumpkin seeds.

Mid afternoon snack, (only if you need it! )

  • Apple, a small amount of nuts even peanuts, pumpkin seeds.
  • More Grapefruit juice.


Time your dinner to be at least three hours before bed-time. This should be your last meal of the day.

Dinner is a  ‘normal’ meal consisting of:

  • One low fat protein (meat or fish),
  • Two to three vegetables, only one of which may be a root vegetable such as potato.
  • A small portion of carbohydrates such as potatoes, rice or preferably pasta.

The carbohydrate portion should be the same size as the average portion of other vegetable on your plate.

  • A side dish of salad with dressing , mayonnaise or vegetable oil.

The salad should look the same size as all the rest of the food.
Increase the salad or reduce the food proportionally on the main plate.
Eat at least half of the salad first, then the vegetables, followed by the protein and carbohydrates. If you find that you have no appetite for the remainder of the salad, reduce the size of the meal in future until you do want the rest of the salad.

Final thoughts on losing a pound a day diet.

  • Cheat!

Once a weak, for one evening meal or when you go out with friends cheat a little!  Have that forbidden slice of bread or extra potato and don’t feel mortified, but try to recognise how it makes you not feel energetic and satisfied, but tired and hungry again soon afterwards.  Then get back into the healthy regime the next day.

  • Exercise

You need to do an enormous amount of exercise to burn calories.  If this is for you go ahead and do it, but don’t eat more to make up for the burned calories.  More importantly, this diet will make you lose weight fast.  The pounds will drop away, but without any exercise you will lose fat fast and some muscle as well.

To avoid muscle loss you can do one of two things.

  1. Do a moderate amount of body toning exercises every day. Situps, squats, leg raises, pushups.  Aim for 30 a day each.  You will be surprised how easily you can reach this target.
    For shapely calves, do a daily routine of getting up on your toes, with your bum pinched. Start with 30 a day and work up to 100.
    Your calves and bum will have burning sensation.  That’s when you know it is working!
  2. The other, lazy option, to build muscle tone is to take a daily supplement of CLA to prevent muscle loss.  CLA is freely available but it is cheaper online.

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Alcohol is fattening in any form.  It is after all sugar converted by yeast.  Beer, especially has a lot of added calories, so avoid beer at all costs. However,  I don’t recommend it but I followed this diet successfully while consuming a bottle of wine a day. ( I was a wine maker at the time!)

  • Bread, Cakes, sodas and Sugar

This is the enemy! Bread, Cakes, potato chips, sodas and Sugar are all high in unrefined sugar and in the case of fries combined with salt and oil.  Unrefined sugar gives us a short term lift with a sudden rush of blood sugar.  The body releases insulin to process this generous gift and within half an hour your blood sugar drops with the insulin looking for more work to do and guess what?  You are ‘hungry’ again and you have entered the fat cycle!   Avoid having your first slice of bread, cake, portion of potato chips, soda or sugar beverage of the day and you will not want more soon afterwards!

These are highly important things to keep uppermost in your mind to lose 10 or 20 pounds fast.  Make up your mind today to lose a pound a day starting right now.

Order the supplements and sign up for the Support program.

As aids to lose 10 or 20 pounds fast the following natural supplements make it much easier to follow and by signing up for the support program you will get regular motivation and help from me.
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A lean breakfast: The thing about unrefined carbohydrates and sugars is that they raise your blood sugar and give a lift… for a short while…  Your blood sugar spikes and dips.  The spike gives you a short term boost and the dip makes you want more.  Test this for yourself, if you like… Plan two walks or shopping tips… on the first choose your favourite sugary soda as your drink and see how much you need.  On the second choose water.  You will be surprised how you get ‘thirsty’ sooner if your drink of choice contains sugar (and or caffeine)

Fruit and Apples: An apple raises your blood sugar the same amount as a sandwich will (as an example), but your blood sugar will be maintained for longer and it staves off the feeling of hunger.  Because of the natural sugars compared to the refined carbohydrates in bread and because of the fibre in the apple, it is metabolized more slowly… your blood sugar levels are maintained for longer.  Apples do not give you the ‘heavy’ feeling that bread does. (Many people confuse the ‘heavy’ feeling with feeling satiated.  The truth is that refined sugars that you find in bread and sugary drinks actually make you a little tired and will make you want more of something soon).

Grapefruit juice: Grapefruit has a dual advantage. Natural sugars and fat burning properties.  Nothing is easier to give you energy and burn fat. It is also refreshing.

Salad: Everybody knows that salad is a good diet food and we avoid it because of all the nonsense connotations such as ‘rabbit food’ and because it does not give you the ‘heavy feeling’.  But you need to know this about fresh salads.  Good, old fashioned iceberg lettuce is actually filling!  Don’t laugh!  Eat a good portion of lettuce before the other food on your plate and you will feed satisfied sooner, longer and have more energy.  The reason is that it is full of fiber and vitamins and it makes you metabolize the other food more slowly, giving you sustained nutrition.

Portions sizes:  I for one and many other people believe that we need protein and carbohydrates with every meal…  That is … a generous helping of potato, rice, bread etc along with a chunk of tasty meat of some sort.  True… we need some of it daily, but not necessarily with every meal.  We need the raw food and veggies more!  The portion size rule ensures that you do not overdo the fattening foods and get enough or the healthy, non fattening foods to make you feel satiated.

Eating the Salad first! Since most people believe that salad is not filling, I don’t even want to get in the debate…. Eat the salad first…Enough of it.  Then, when you eat the more fattening food you will not even have to think about stopping before you overdo it…. You will naturally eat less without effort or self discipline.

Other great food ideas:

For healthy, organic, Gourmet meals delivered Nationwide check out  Healthy Chef Creations.  I just came across this site and decided it is a good source of healthy food.

The Ebook I mentioned earlier on Negative Calorie Foods gives many great ideas to add to this diet plan. It costs only $18 or $19To have a look at it, click here.


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    You can’t take these supplements whilst breastfeeding though, can you.

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    Some supplements are OK. Vitamins are supplements. However you should always take care and follow medical advice as well as cautions on supplement and medication labels.

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